12-16 August Share market news | Latest stock market news

12-16 August Share market news | Latest stock market news

Hi friends.
When I started investing
the biggest problem
I faced was that
I never used to get right information.
And when I got right information,
it used to be so complex.
There was no one to explain it to me
in simple terms
what kind of news it was
and what it meant.
So friends,
People would come to me and say,
“buy this, sell that, hold this”
so I would tell them:
“If the money is mine, and risk is mine,”
“the decision should also be mine”
whether I should buy, sell or hold.
Likewise, for you,
if it is your money
you should be able to decide what to do with it.
Through Groww channel, from now on
we’ll try to explain all the news
from the previous week
in simple terms.
So that you can make an informed decision about
what to do with your money and how.
Come, let’s take a look at the first news from last week.
Our first news turns out to be
from auto-sector
As we know,
auto-sector is going through its down time
The first news is that
a total of 15,000 workers
who used to work in this sector
have lost their jobs.
In addition,
Tata Motors kept their production units closed
on 16th and 17th.
Ashok Leyland closed their units on 16th and 17th.
Production units of Maruti Suzuki and TVS motors
and many other companies also remained closed.
A specific news has come out
from Mahindra and Mahindra, that they have laid off many of its employees
last week.
People keep asking us
when the auto-sector is going to revive.
We cannot tell you that with certainty
because nobody probably knows that.
But an expert in this industry
CMD of TVS Motors, according to him,
we can see revival in the auto industry
from January 2020
We will get to see in the future
how right or wrong he is.
Come on, friends, let’s talk about the second news.
Our second news is from one of the biggest companies in India
Reliance Industries.
As you may know,
last week Reliance’s AGM took place.
So let’s talk some important points from it.
The first point is
that there is a strategic shift in Reliance’s business.
While Reliance used to give all its attention
to its oil business.
It has decided to shift some attention to Jio.
Reliance has said that it will sell 20% stakes of its petrochemical business
to Saudi Aramco
and the money that comes from it
will be used to pay off debt.
The debt level of Reliance industries is very high
Mukesh Ambani has made it clear that
in the next eighteen months he wants to bring it down to zero.
In addition, Reliance will launch
Jio Gigafibre commercially on Sept 5.
Third news is from Yes Bank.
As we discussed in the last video,
Yes Bank wants to raise 2000 crore rupees
and simultaneously issued QIP.
It’s floor price was kept at 87.9 rupees.
And they said that
that the maximum discount given will be 5%.
Yes Bank informed the exchange last week that
they had raised 1930 crores via QIP.
they gave a discount of
The new equity that they issued was issued at 83.55 rupees.
The CEO Ravneet Gill said that they will use this
money to grow Yes Bank.
Come, let’s talk about FPIs.
If I talk about the period between 1 July and 9 August,
then FPIs had sold around
23,500 crores worth of equity in Indian markets.
And they took out that money.
But last week, we are seeing a reversal in the trend.
because last week FPIs bought Indian equities
worth 720 crores.
Finally, I’ll tell you something interesting
that in the history of world equities
has happened only a second time.
Market Index of Argentina fell by 48% in one day.
Yes, friends, market index fell by 48% in one day.
Before this, this had happened only once
which was in Sri Lanka in 1989
when its market Index fell by 62%.
So, friends, this was Market Weekly Updates.
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We’ll discuss different stocks in the upcoming days.
And next week, we’ll try to explain this week’s news in simple terms.

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