1,100 former DOJ officials call on Bill Barr to resign

1,100 former DOJ officials call on Bill Barr to resign

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  1. Didn't know there was a former DOJ anonymous group forming. They must be on step one since they seem to be so detached from reality. Drain the swamp!

  2. Fox news is water down they hate Trump much as the Democrats do ..Fox news hired Paul Ryan acouple years ago that said alot ! Paul Ryan is a weasel like that character that played Frank burns on that show Mash ! You just want to slap that weasel face of his ferret face !!!!

  3. Mary Ann has 0 proof that Barrs push back on Trump was staged, but since she doesn't like how he handled somthing in the past it's ok for her to slander. What a Triggered lib

  4. 1,100 deep state swamp rats!
    Barr you said you wouldn't be bullied,so don't resign!

    Trump needs to go ahead and pardon Stone!

  5. there are 10 times as many doj officials that dont want him to step down and resign. there are millions and millions of people that want pelosi to resign. The democrat house does not run this country. The president does you foolish people.

  6. NO The left is back in full court press mode.
    But the left fails to realize are 2 things:
    1st full court presses are not normally used by the team who's winning
    2nd A full court press is only used a temporary stop-gap
    TDS in full display
    They're gunning for Barr so they can get Trump
    I disagree with his decision on McCabe but other than that Barr has done nothing wrong.
    The left is relentless and we need to remain vigilant

  7. 1100 former DOJ officials?
    And these 1100 got together and wrote a letter to Barr!
    I would have maybe believed 10 or 20, but 1100?

  8. what a load of crap, Barr and the Justice had already decided the sentence sugestion was ridiculous 1 week before Trump ever mentioned it! they found 1100 that would lie their eye teeth out for a conviction, I am surprised they could find 10,000 more who would be willing to manipulate the truth to fit their accusations! I guess the other 8,900 didn't want to ruin their reputation by making this ridiculous assertion!

  9. No persons that had crimes found against them in connection with the fake Russian Collusion investigation headed by Mueller, their cases should be thrown out.

  10. the president is the chief law enforcement officer, so if he feels the punishment is too harsh and lets not forget if he chooses he could just pardon

  11. It’s Almost exactly the same as “17 intelligence agencies all concur that RUSSIA 🇷🇺 interfered in the 2016 Elections”
    Anyone notice the similarities?

  12. That's like 1100 of my exes saying " Break up with my current GF". Smh they know hes digging deep and they are going to be outed. So laughable.

  13. "Fair administration of Justice"? I would like him to resign because he let this farce go on. The Justice department should be cleared out. Why were there FOUR prosecutors on a perjury case? This case should have been dropped after the FISA warrants were found illagle. This production is a direct result of an illagle warrant.

  14. Just want to thank all of them for putting their name on paper so we’re not confused on who to remove.Who would have thought President Trump would talk the deep state into coming forward .

  15. We are about to find out about the democrat criminals. Of course they want him to respond. I bet they are all Democrats. Disgusting!!

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  17. Barr is doing a great job. Don't care what the democrats think. They are just scared for what is going to be exposed. Praying for him, president and our nation

  18. Bill Barr has proven to be one of the best and non bias ag.
    Let Barr do his job he is highly qualified.
    It’s all the friggin deep state and corrupted dems, all they have with everyone is impeachment. Time to put dems in Turkish prison so the can get but- ttt fu ck Ed.

  19. The dead wood of the DOJ is full of left wing losers like this Mary Ann loser. Democrats see the writing on the wall and they are going down!!

  20. They are upset because he is actually DOING SOMETHING as the Attorney General. He's making things happen and he's making sure there is ACTUAL JUSTICE being carried out. Getting the innocent freed and the guilty punished!! Of course the DemonRats want him out! EXACTLY THE SAME THING THEY'VE BEEN TRYING TO DO TO PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  21. Those “more than a thousand” at DOJ don’t get Bill Barr. They are warped and frothy from flapping a coupfire to keep it going. The Stone sentence needed fixing. The columns they added up for sentencing were exaggerated and in error and were not as originally agreed to way back when when they set up the docket of crimes and their scores for sentencing. The four prosecutors who quit in protest went against the AG because that was their only acceptable out. Remember: the info on jury selection broke down and a mistrial will be filed.

  22. 100 former DOJ officials? That's code for corrupt bastards. BTW for those viewers and DEMS for sure, in case you weren't taught about constitution in school, the President of The United States is the HEAD of the Executive Branch meaning TOP LAW ENFORCEMENT. He can say, influence or do WHATEVER he wants with influence or changing policy! Pelosi, shut your mouth for once you only make yourself look even dumber..

  23. Barr don't give into the pressure to resign you are doing the job of a fair AG keep going the American People are behind you Demrats are trying to stop the corruption from being exposed

  24. How many "FORMER" are democrats??
    THEY ARE SCARED OF BARR. Wonder how close he's getting to the truth the left is going NUTS.
    He's doing a great job!!! I support him 100%.


  26. That's what I have made earlier comments about…the excessive tweeting of the president! He should tone down his tweets or lessen his hours on the keyboard!

  27. WHY would 2000 former Justice Department officials call on A.G. BARR To resign? Because He's crooked.This Reality Show Presidency has to be canceled. OH MY WHAT WILL THE FOX NEWS FOLKKS DO?

  28. BARR, FBI and DOJ need to investigate all of these EX DOJ officials……..this is a concerted effort by Biased Liberal Globalist anti American anti Rule of Law officials……..List EVERY single one of them so as the people can delve into their pasts…….

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