10 Old School Celebrity Scandals That Would’ve Broken the Internet

10 Old School Celebrity Scandals That Would’ve Broken the Internet

Nowadays celebrity scandals are fairly common
and anytime a celebrity sneezes wrong you hear about it all over the news. Whether it’s an affair, someone yelling
at an employee at a coffee shop, or whatever other fairly basic scandal, the media will
report it as if it is the most amazing breaking news that has ever happened in the history
of mankind. The internet will obsess about all involved,
and personally harass them on Twitter for their own amusement. However, back in the day there were many scandals
that would make today’s look tame, and we can only imagine how insane the internet would
have gone if these things had happened now. 10. Jimmy Page Dated A 14-Year-Old Who Lost Her
Virginity To David Bowie Even Earlier Jimmy Page, of Led Zeppelin fame, is an easily
recognizable name and one most people don’t associate with any kind of scandal. However, Page actually had a bit of a problem
when it came to statutory rape. Back in the 1970s, despite laws designed to
prevent this sort of thing, “baby groupies” – underage girls who followed around rock
stars –were a common sight and abuse was fairly rampant. Page, during the height of his fame, struck
up a relationship with a 14-year-old groupie named Lori Mattix. To make matters worse, the relationship wasn’t
just sexual, but very, very creepy. In order to avoid worries about the law, he
made a deal with her mother so she wouldn’t call anyone about what was going on, and kept
her hidden in hotel rooms most of the time, well out of the way of others. However, this may not have been the first
time that young Lori had her innocence taken advantage of by older men. According to an interview she gave decades
later, before she even met Page, she and another underage friend had sex with David Bowie,
who went to lengths to proposition them. She claims that Bowie was very gentle because
he knew it was her first time, but that doesn’t make it okay. 9. Judy Garland Was Horrifically Abused During
The Filming Of Wizard Of Oz The Wizard of Oz is a family film that’s
also known for having some legitimately creepy elements (we’re looking at you, flying monkeys),
but for Judy Garland, who played Dorothy, it was a nightmare in real life. She was only 16-years-old at the time of filming,
but the studio was giving her drugs in order to get the performance they wanted, and some
believed she was already addicted to drugs like amphetamines and barbiturates before
filming had ended. She was also forced to wear very tight corsets,
and the studio bosses even sent spies to make sure that Garland didn’t eat anything besides
chicken soup and black coffee, and that she had her 80 cigarettes a day in order to stay
thin. However, this was just the beginning. To make matters worse, she also found herself
a target of harassment by the munchkins. According to the memoirs of Garland’s late
husband, the little people would reach under her dress and sexually harass her, thinking
they could get away with it because they were so small. And while the rumor that one of them hung
himself on set is not true, they were indeed known for having orgies in their hotel rooms,
and causing such a ruckus that the police were called in on a regular basis to deal
with them. Sadly, much of this was the fault of the studio
itself, which had pulled a bunch of little people from all over the world together in
one place, who had never seen so many like themselves at once before, and then proceeded
to underpay them so much that many resorted to panhandling and prostitution to survive
during filming. 8. The Kent State Shootings Would Be The Subject
Of Endless Analysis Today The Kent State Shootings, for those who aren’t
aware of the event, happened on May 4, 1970 during the height of the Vietnam War protests. In recent months, people had been both burning
down and trying to burn down ROTC buildings on campuses, and the police and the military
were on edge. The ROTC building at Kent State had been burned
down recently and no one had been caught – more protests were set for days later, with national
guard swarming all over the place. This set the stage for an event that has left
many people scarred to this day. During the protests, the National Guard started
trying to corral the protesters and push them back in another direction. For some reason, which is still hard to piece
together, some of the guardsmen decided that they should fire their weapons. In all, 67 shots were fired in a very short
time, and when the students had finished dispersing and the smoke had cleared, four people were
dead and another nine were wounded. Even without the internet, analysis of the
event was heated with many students taking photographs, comparing angles and trying to
make sense of the entire situation. In the age of the internet and full video
recording, it is likely the analysis and debate would have basically been never-ending. 7. JFK’s Affair With Marilyn Monroe As Well
As His General Unfaithfulness To His Wife John F. Kennedy is one of the most beloved
presidents in history, partly due to the fact that he was able to do such a good job during
the Cuban Missile Crisis, but also partly because he was killed before his time. In a way, the assassination of JFK allowed
for a rather inaccurate hagiography to be drawn up about his life and his existence
over the years, which doesn’t really show the kind of man he truly was. Most people think of Kennedy as a man who
talked about giving service to your country, being politically courageous and doing what
is right and moral. However, in his personal life, Kennedy had
pretty much zero respect for the sanctity of his and his wife’s marriage. He constantly cheated on his wife and when
she would confront him about it, understandably very hurt, he would simply claim that his
health problems required him to regularly sleep with lots of woman – he just couldn’t
help it. The fact that he tried to throw off personal
responsibility for his dalliances by blaming a disease shows just what kind of person JFK
truly was. He was also known to have had an affair with
Marilyn Monroe, and then tried really hard to cover it up later. After she died, he tried so hard to cover
up his involvement with her that many believe to this day that he was somehow responsible
for her death. If it had happened today, people would never
stop speculating about whether or not JFK was not just a serial cheater, but also a
murderer. 6. Jerry Lee Lewis, A Famous Rock And Roll Star,
Married His 13-Year-Old Cousin Jerry Lee Lewis was a famous rock and roll
star in the 1950s; for those who aren’t familiar with him, “Great Balls Of Fire”
was one of his first hit songs. He was doing really well for himself and had
quite a promising career ahead of him – he probably could have been huge. However, he went and made a decision that
was really, really poor in every way you can imagine. While he was still married to another woman,
he made a triumphant announcement during a concert tour of England that he was going
to marry his 13-year-old cousin, Myra Gale Brown. And the newspapers went absolutely nuts. His concert tour in England fell apart as
his popularity quickly and sharply dropped. No one wanted to be associated with a man
who marries a 13-year-old relative, and his career never really recovered to what it could
have been. This is likely because he showed no remorse
at all, but went fully on ahead with his plan and showed no regrets – at least, not until
10 years later when she was no longer the prettiest young thing in the world to him
anymore, and he decided to divorce her as well. In today’s age, he likely would have been
arrested based on statutory laws for his crimes, and the internet would have a field day mocking
him for marrying his own underage cousin. 5. Charlie Chaplin Stole J.D. Salinger’s Underage
Girlfriend Charlie Chaplin is the silent film star best
known for using the Hitler Mustache well before Hitler went and ruined it. Most people simply know him as an important
comedian and influencer in the early days of Hollywood and silent film, but while he
enjoys a fairly nice reputation today, he wasn’t a particularly nice guy. Chaplin was a nasty tyrant to his wife and
children, had a reputation of being extremely difficult, and when he was 54-years-old, he
was courting an underage girl. This girl was named Oona O’Neill, daughter
of then-famous playwright Eugene O’Neill, and she was also being courted by J.D. Salinger,
of The Catcher in the Rye fame. When she turned 18, she made her decision
and decided to go with Chaplin instead of Salinger. Her father was incensed because Chaplin was
54 at the time, and cut her out of his life entirely – something she never forgave him
for. Considering how the internet acted when Woody
Allen married his adopted, barely legal daughter, we probably have a good idea of how people
would feel about this particular scandal. 4. John Lennon Beat Both Of His Wives While Pretending
To Be A Messianic Figure Of World Peace John Lennon is one of the most famous and
beloved members of the Beatles, but the truth is that in life he was an incredibly mentally
troubled person who was horrible to all of the most vulnerable people around him, who
relied on him the most. In his first marriage to Cynthia Powell, he
was physically and emotionally abusive both to her and to their son Julian, who he would
smack for all kinds of things. According to their housekeeper, he would smack
the kid for bad table manners, even though the child’s manners were better than most
– the housekeeper felt he just had a problem with violence in general. He also is believed to have been physically
abusive with Yoko Ono, and admitted at one point in his life that he hit pretty much
any woman, and that it was always the most violent people who went for the love and peace
stuff – ostensibly because of guilt. He also cheated on both his first wife, having
an affair with Yoko, and then had an 18-month affair during his relationship with her as
well. No matter how beloved an entertainer he may
have been, it is hard to imagine him getting through that kind of scandal in the days of
the internet. 3. Steve Jobs Cheated Steve Wozniak Out Of Money
In The Early Days, For Reasons Of Sheer Petty Greed Steve Jobs was not known for being the nicest
guy in the world. He had a reputation of being incredibly demanding
and hard to work with, and taking all of the credit for anything good for himself. He was very arrogant, believing that his mostly
fruit diet could save him from cancer instead of medical treatments, and wanted to destroy
all of his competition as brutally as possible, while claiming a faux Buddhist persona. However, most people still don’t think of
him as an evil or particularly mean person. Geniuses tend to be quirky, and Steve Jobs
basically was Apple – the company simply hasn’t been the same without him at the
helm. Unfortunately, if people had known early on
who the man was, he may never have enjoyed the beloved reputation he had with so many
for so long. Most people know of Steve Wozniak, the tech
genius who is known for being better at inventing, but not nearly as good at business as Jobs. In the early days, the two worked together
for some time before parting ways due to their own differences. While they parted amicably at the time, Wozniak
had no idea how he had truly been cheated. Very early on, Jobs set up a deal with Atari
to make a game for them, with a bonus for using the smallest amount of chips possible. Jobs approached Wozniak about splitting the
fee, and Wozniak, being an incredibly nice guy, jumped at the opportunity despite the
fact he would be doing the majority of the work. Even though he did most of the work and the
project exceeded expectations, Jobs secretly kept the majority of the money and the bonus
that Wozniak worked so hard for all for himself. Wozniak only knew that he had received much
less than half of the payment years later, and cried when he learned of his former friend’s
dishonesty over what was such a relatively small amount of money. Steve Jobs may have managed to build up a
reputation as a beloved tech icon, but if he had done that to Wozniak in the age of
memes, he would have been an instant pariah all over the internet. 2. Fatty Arbuckle Was Tried For Raping And Murdering
A Woman At His Own Celebration Party Fatty Arbuckle, for those who aren’t aware
of him, was absolutely huge in the early days of the silent film era. He was the man responsible for discovering
Charlie Chaplin, and mentoring him to the greatness that he achieved as a comic. Arbuckle was on top of the world, and it was
when he was at the very top that he took his longest fall. He was having a party in a hotel room with
actors, actresses, and others in the industry, and spent a few minutes in a bedroom with
a young actress named Virginia Rappe, who was quickly heard to be screaming. When everyone rushed in, the woman claimed
Arbuckle had “done this to her.” She was very drunk, so people assumed she
was having a drunken fit, as her clothes were still on. A few days later, she was taken to the hospital
for her pain, and died of a ruptured bladder. The media went absolutely nuts, accusing him
of raping and accidentally killing the woman. Hollywood was encouraged to disown him, and
he was blacklisted, despite no charges being yet proven. He could not find work, and had mounting legal
bills and debts. People would spit on him outside court, and
heckle him in the streets. However, he always maintained his innocence,
stating that her clothes had been on, he had carried her to the bed, went to the bathroom,
and came back to find her in pain. He was tried three times, with two hung juries,
and eventually found innocent of all charges except for the charge of drinking bootleg
alcohol. Some still wonder how she died, and many believe
Arbuckle was responsible, but the case itself was very spotty. Rappe’s friend, who had been the one to
accuse him, refused to take the stand and had a history of extorting money. Rappe also had a preexisting condition involving
inflammation with her bladder, so it is possible the entire thing was a huge misunderstanding
or accident, and no rape or murder occurred. We can only imagine what actually happened,
but if Twitter had been around, Arbuckle would have probably had to burn down all of his
social media accounts and go live in the mountains for awhile until things blew over. 1. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Known For Logic And
Reason, Was Ridiculed For Believing In The Paranormal Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini are
actually two people who seem like fairly unlikely friends. Both were passionate about extremely logical,
but also very clever and intricate practices that require deep thought, analysis and planning. Houdini would even put his life on the line
for his tricks, and Sir Conan Doyle would spend an incredible amount of time working
on a single Sherlock Holmes story in order to set up the clues and put it all together. What is surprising, though, is that their
friendship started based on something extremely illogical – spiritualism. Houdini and Doyle were both interested in
séances. Doyle’s wife was a medium, and Houdini was
trying to contact his dead mother, so they set up a séance. The entire thing did not go well. Doyle’s wife Jean claimed to have contacted
Houdini’s mother, and said that she wished him Merry Christmas, but Houdini’s mother
was Jewish and did not speak English, so he soon denounced all mediums as frauds, something
that greatly angered Doyle and went a long way towards ruining their friendship. One of the other major triggers was the abilities
of Houdini himself. The man who created Sherlock Holmes was so
astounded by Houdini’s tricks that he insisted his friend had the power of “dematerialism”
and when his friend insisted that he was not doing anything supernatural, it made Doyle
increasingly angry and frustrated. In the end, the two parted ways because a
man who was famous for writing about the most logical man in the world could not reconcile
a friend who did not believe in fairies. It is almost unimaginable how much Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle would have ruined his own reputation if this had occurred in the days of viral
memes – no one would have taken the Sherlock Holmes series seriously ever again, and his
reputation would have been entirely ruined.

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  1. Woody Allen is definitely a creeper but he didn’t marry his adopted daughter. Soon Yi was the adopted daughter is Mia Farrow and Andre Previn.

  2. I have watched many of these videos and whilst the majority of them are fascinating, the one annoying thing is that you are obviously English but constantly use North American colloquial speech!! Why? Is it because you think or know that most of the viewers are American so you feel a need to endear yourself to them in order for them to keep watching?

  3. I guess you'd never be able to call me a gentleman because JFK was a f*ckin idiot when he had a bombshell like Jackie at home.

  4. Anyone who doesn't believe in the paranormal are just … holding us back from progressing as humans respecting the rest of the universe. No wonder aliens don't want to deal with us … we are just soooooo slow to accept that which we cannot see. Come on, people, let's use more than twenty percent of our brains, for once.

  5. Fatty Arbuckle’s career was ruined despite the prosecutor knowing that it was all lies because he wanted to use the scandal to build up his own career

  6. Kind of funny how Chaplin's granddaughter was named Oona…. after her grandmother (that underage girl who also dated J.D. Salinger)

  7. Lori Maddox has ~ repeatedly and recently ~ said she did not, then OR now, feel abused and/or victimized by Bowie (tho with Page it seems there were issues).

    I say this not to defend Bowie but Maddox. It nobody's place to tell this woman she's an abuse victim if she herself doesn't see it that way, and it would seem to me forcing that narrative on her is in itself abusive.

  8. So theres really only 2 lessons here. 1st) musicians/politicians/actors [Lennon, Bowie, JFK, Lewis so on], are morally bankrupt. 2nd) those involved at Kent State; they were all watching/knew about the moral bankruptcy of those listed above [and more], but they added an element of refusing to acknowledge authority. America IS Romans 1:18-32 playing out just as it did with Rome and Greece, and no longer exist, as well as the Jewish people who as a nation, are now scattered and no longer exist.

  9. That Steve Jobs bit though. It kinda make sense if you think about it today. Apple is one greedy company, I mean 999$ for a piece steel that holds your overly priced monitor?

  10. The Kent State was started because a student threw a rock at a guardsman who reacted poorly and started firing

  11. Some of the my most exciting hump sessions have been with midgets! Once you go low there's only one way to go!

  12. I know this video is almost 2-years-old, but #8 isn't a celebrity scandal. Obviously. A celebrity connection though, would be that Neil Young wrote the great song "Ohio" from this and performed it with Crosby, Stills and Nash.

  13. Jerry Lee recovard from the scandal.He was one of the first peapole in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,had a biopic about him and was ranked n.25 on Rolling Stones 100 best artists so shut up.

  14. Can't imagine a single reason that British folks would decry the marriage of Jerry Lee Lewis to his underage first cousin. The precedent has definitely been set in England, and in most of Europe's "royal" families.

  15. Men in power have sucked for a very long time…. go back a little further and King Henry had 6 wives and cut two of their heads off…. JFK WHO???

  16. Part of the reason Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wasn't totally ruined for his belief in fairies was that fairies were trendy at the time.
    Fairies and séances were the popular entertainment of the age. It was fun to bring oneself to the brink of belief, and many were quite convinced (scammed), including Doyle himself.
    There was however, a family inclination towards a belief in fairies, as his father Sir Charles Altamont Doyle kept an extensive diary filled with philosophical and existential musings, and numerous illustrations ranging from the charming to the macabre. There is a whole lot more to C.A. Doyle, as he kept this diary during his time at an asylum. Whether for lunacy, alcoholism or both, is hard to determine with great accuracy as those details tended to be swept under the rug in those days and concrete information surviving today is vague at best. To say that Charles' relationship towards his son was aloof and difficult is like saying a tornado is a bit of dodgy weather.
    But don't take my brief word on it: I'm sure you can find much more comprehensive, up-to-date info than what I've offered here.

  17. Just coz some American slut says David Bowie took her virginity decades ago doesn't prove it to me. There'd have to be more, much more, to convince me.

  18. the Hays code (motion picture rules and regulations) had in its rules, originally, at least, that miscegenation was not allowed. what is this, you say? it is showing or implying the white race having sexual relations with the black races. I find that funny, how about you? how things have change.

  19. another consideration…the love triangle between Pattie Boyd, (the real-life “Layla,”), George Harrison and Eric Clapton.

  20. The John scandal is simply not true. If you were a real fan, you’d know he slapped Cynthia (first wife) only once, which still isn’t okay but he was terribly sorry for it. Even Cynthia said she would’ve left him if he did it again. And the “affair” he had with Yoko was when they split up. It was called “The Lost Weekend” And Yoko gave permission for May Pang to be with John until John and Yoko got back together a few months later. Get your facts straight before putting something onto the internet. Its not that hard.

  21. I am certain that I read somewhere about how Lennon was at a party where Marilyn Monroe was present, and was asked to mix her a drink. He allegedly went into the kitchen, poured Marilyn a half- glass of cola, finished filing the glass with HIS OWN PISS, and then brought her the glass, and watched her drink the entire thing. As I recall, this came out when he confessed this to another famous rocker at the time, IDK, possibly to one of the Stones. I guess this makes me guilty of "speaking ill of the dead", but, sorry, I really couldn't stand ANY of the music that he made, post- Beatles.

  22. Jerry Lee Lewis . . . Damn, he stomped his foot down on the accelerator and never let up, never even thought about tapping the brakes, LOL.

  23. Given the sheer number of humans who believe in an invisible friend in the sky (or numerous names) I'm pretty sure the believing in fairies thing wouldn't really be an issue. Both are living in a fantasy world

  24. John Lennon had a hard childhood. His mother left his father when he was a baby and she gave him to her sister to take care of. The streets of Liverpool in the 1950s were unforgiving, with Teddy Boys (violent gangs) ready to beat up anyone seen as weak. Paul McCartney grew up in a stable household. Later in life, John submitted himself to therapy to try to come to terms with his early life and his behaviors. The story is much more complex than the tabloid, sensational treatment given here. These shows trash people's reputations so they can make a few bucks. You can't know people from a one minute recitation of their alleged sins.

  25. Given that Chris Brown was able to live down attempted murder charges and people still defend him for almost beating his girlfriend to death, I think John Lennon being a wife and child beater would be fine too. Plenty of awful POS physical abusers in entertainment today that are beloved and worshiped despite being purely awful human beings.

  26. So interesting to see the flip side of people we thought we knew and to speculate on how the Internet could have changed so many outcomes.

  27. Much of this false, fabricated and exaggerated just so you can make salacious video – and what business do you have moralizing just to morally preen yourself like some absurdly facile callow millenial (and THAT'S a product of the Internet)?

  28. Dude, replace Houdini/Doyle with the Wizard of Oz stuff, or anything really. But personally the Oz stuff is the most ridiculous.

  29. Do a segment on the Piltdown man hoax. Conan Doyle was involved in this. He and some cronies ruined an archaeologist's reputation and career.

  30. Read biographer Donald Spoto about Marilyn Monroe and the supposed Kennedy affairs. MM herself – forthright and honest by nature – told of a one-night fling which she said was the total extent of it. Mafia attempts to ruin District Attorney Robert K's reputation after John's death are often blamed for this story – still "alleged" after 57 years.


  32. Well no, claiming that the studio were responsible for the dwarfs behavior on set is just stupid. This is just a list of moralistic idiocy presented, not in the historical context of their time but from todays climate of political correctness and professional victimhood. Also quite possibly the most misleading description of the framing of "fatty" Arbuckle.

  33. The national guard fired their rifles at Kent State because they were being pelted by rocks and other objects, by the students. They were terrified. At least that is what was told to me by the nurses that treated some of the injured guardsmen. They weren't trained to manage that type of situation. That doesn't justify their actions but does explain why this horrible incident happened.

  34. A lot of this stuff isn't true. Yoko fixed John up with her friend in L.A. bc she was tired of his insecurity and needed a break. He didn't beat either of his wives but he did assault his first wife.

    Kennedy didn't have an affair with Marilyn Monroe and was not a cheater.

    It wasnt a corset Judy Garland wore, it was bandage to try the flatten her bust bc she was supposed to be a 12 year old.

    Jobs was a tyrant!

    He forgot Steven Tyler

  35. Didn't Harry Houdini promise his wife that after he died, if it were possible he would contact her with a prearranged message from the other side in a seance and she loudly also proclaimed mediums a non sense?

  36. That’s terrible what they did to Judy Garland.
    “Here, go smoke these 80 cigarettes and then sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow… what?? Why are you looking at me like that?? You must need some more reds and maybe a couple of yellow jackets to even it out… ACTION!!.”

  37. Lennon went mad after Paul Mcartney Died. He was not on board with the look alike charade. And slowly he lost himself to be "The Beatles"… until he was murdered to keep his silence.

  38. How could a person who writes a story like The Speckled Band be said to work hard on a story? There are no asps in India or wherever and most snakes don't have ears and they certainly don't drink milk and how would you train a snake who can't hear a whistle to crawl up a rope into another room and bite someone then crawl back and then lock it in a safe where it wouldn't suffocate? There are a lot of things like that including dates and other things that I've forgotten. The Sherlock Holmes stories are really stupid and suited to kids who are easily wowed. I was a big fan when I was in Elementary school and still like Holmes and Watson but I also see all the problems with the stories too.

  39. Yoko actually encouraged John Lennon's affair with May Pang and set the whole thing up. John was troubled because of an awful family growing up situation, but these shows are short on nuance.

  40. The last one doesn't really fit with rest of the list, I don't think his reputation would be ruined just because of belief in the paranormal, that doesn't make sense to me.

  41. The BombinfgMOVE Neighborhood: It was 34 years ago on May 13, 1985, at 5:20 p.m. the police bombed a Black Philadelphia neighborhood. The bombing led to the death of eleven human beings, including five children, the destruction of 61 homes, and the incineration of thousands of family photos, love letters, heirloom jewelry, inscribed Bibles and Korans, and many other irreplaceable mementos. More than 500 cops fired over 10,000 rounds of ammunition in less than 90 minutes.

  42. The Kent State shootings happened on my birthday and I now have a friend who was actually on the Kent State campus that day, though not where the shootings took place. Horrible.

  43. The Fatty Arbuckle thing was a travesty, that poor man was completely framed by that Delmont scam artist who was trying to con money out of anyone she could by accusing Arbuckle . It sometimes bothers me that these “quick clip” history things tend to tell half a story and people’s views are skewed based on them, since most people aren’t going to research all these stories.

  44. 7:18 – Bro, he’s standing there all proud with his OBVIOUS CHILD bride as she chews on gum and looks apathetic and bored as the adults talk over her head, as children are wont to do. Wow.

  45. Yeah, John Lennon Was a ball buster. I remember hearing one story where he smacked Julian upside the head for not licking the butter knife clean after buttering his bread. 😁

  46. Trashing genius is all the rage nowadays but Simon, I really thought you'd take the high road. Genius comes in a human package. Humans make messes and mistakes. That doesn't detract one bit from what they've created. It actually makes it more admirable.

  47. If you read Cynthia Lennon's book she says that Lennon only put his hands on her once, he didn't beat her to a pulp but he did hit her… It was only once and may I add, one too many times, but the notion that he was violent to women is completely false. I have never hit a woman, but I HAVE made mistakes that caused lots of harm to people. That doesn't make me evil or vile or summarize the soul inside me. John Lennon was a young man that carried so much pain, and alcohol and amphetamines led to him hitting his first wife ONCE. He did NOT abuse his children or Yoko, he did NOT abuse his sons, giving your children a spanking is NOT child abuse, especially in the 60s…. I was spanked as a boy when I did something very wrong, and I know it didn't cross the line. Sometimes children need negative reinforcement in order to learn. If I punch my little brother in the face, I think its ok I get spanked a few times….

  48. The REAL scandal about John Lennon that shook the world when it happened was that he left his white, blonde, quiet wife for a Japanese woman with radical opinions. That was the real scandal, the biggest pop star in the human history went against the RACIST establishment and married the complete opposite of who was expected to be the wife of the KING.

  49. Arbuckle was targeted by the media of the time, though. He was a big star at the time, and usually played creepy characters, so the scandal sold bundles of papers. William Randall Hearst was determined to convict Arbuckle in the public eye, even though he didn't care whether or not he'd actually done it, just for the sales.
    Even though he was exonerated by the final jury, his career was ruined. Buster Keaton was one of the only people still willing to work with him, because they'd been close enough that Keaton had no doubt of his innocence.

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